Storm Therapy

Cold-pressed massage tool for your muscle aches

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What is it?

Product Introduction

Storm Therapy

Relieve stiff muscles caused by incorrect posture and habits via spherical waves.

STEP 1: Target pain

Place the storm therapy massage tool anywhere on your body that needs relief, especially for muscle aches.

STEP 2: Use for 5 minutes

Use the tool on the targeted pain spot for at least 5 minutes. This allows the spherical waves to permeate deep into your skin.

STEP 3: Final Effect

Facilitate blood flow and enjoy various benefits, such as stress relief, weight reduction, and pain relief.

Based on spherical waves

What is it?

Utilizing Storm's wave acupressure stick to target acupressure points can regulate imbalances in energy, facilitating its smooth circulation and reinvigorating internal organs, ultimately reinstating harmony within the body. This practice, known as Oriental acupressure, may be described as a form of physical biotherapy that anticipates the influence of pressure response and baroreflexion.

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∙ Metallic alloy

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Based On Acupressure


Storm therapy acupressure/massage employs the dynamic impact of spherical waves, penetrating deeply into the muscular tissue to rectify distorted fascia and induce relaxation in tense, contracted muscles. This technique not only facilitates the dispersion of stagnant chi and blood but also alleviates muscle rigidity, consequently enhancing physical mobility and vitality.


3 Main Functions

Eliminate Stress
By effectively tending to your fascial meridians via storm therapy, you can experience profound bodily relaxation and a notable improvement in mental equilibrium. This concealed approach holds the key to addressing a wide spectrum of issues, ranging from minor discomfort to conditions such as insomnia, depression, sleep disturbances, and sluggishness. Paying particular attention to the abdominal and cervical regions through storm therapy before bedtime is especially beneficial.

Weight Loss
By disseminating waves throughout the entire body, elevating circulatory system activity, and facilitating waste elimination, this process guards against fat retention within the body. Additionally, it stimulates the production of bile and pancreatic enzymes, crucial for emulsifying fat within the body. This emulsified fat is subsequently either excreted during bowel movements or utilized as an energy resource, thus serving as a preventative measure against obesity.

Better Looks
Storm therapy, when used to apply acupressure to meridian points, makes it easier for your body to get rid of waste. This helps improve your physical well-being, detoxifies your body, and naturally resolves skin problems caused by toxins. What sets Storm Therapy's deep wave massage apart is that it not only helps remove fat without using drugs but also improves blood flow to treat issues like wrinkles, dull skin, freckles, and acne.

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How To Use

Target acupressure points with the tool

Please keep in mind that in order to maximize the effects of Storm therapy massage tools, you need to target acupressure areas. If you need help with acupressure points, a simple Google search will do the trick.

Try targeting the feet as a starter

The soles of your feet have around 70 acupuncture points that link to your body's internal organs. In a nutshell, your feet can be thought of as a small representation of your internal organs. If you roughly divide these points, the big toes relate to your head, the area near the center of the sole corresponds to the stomach and liver, and the heel represents the buttocks.

Keep the device charged

With the purchase of the tool comes a USB cord that can be used to charge the device. Once fully charged, unlimited enjoy wireless use.

You can place the tool anywhere on your body, except for the eyes.

Important notes

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