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What is it?

Product Introduction

Therapy Patches

A patch a day keeps the doctor away.
Here's the science behind how it works.

STEP 1: Bio signaling

Bio-signaling is the process through which cells in an organism communicate using molecules like hormones and neurotransmitters to transmit information, trigger cellular responses, and maintain proper functioning; disruptions in this process often lead to diseases.

STEP 2: Energy Infusion

Energy infusion is the process in which energy is introduced into your biological system and channels throughout your body to assist with detoxification, vitality, and restoration. 

STEP 3: Final Effect

Achieve restoration, optimization, and rejuvenation through our cutting edge technology of energy infusion. 

True Results

What is it?

Healstones Therapy Patches emit targeted bio-frequencies that interact with the body's natural energy layers through the nervous system. This process rebalances cellular communication for therapy, utilizing the patch's stored bio-frequencies, aligning with the body's innate ability to restore balance.

materials used

∙ Energy Enhanced Polycarbonate

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length of patch
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Based On Biology


The benefits of bio-signaling include enabling cells to communicate and coordinate their activities, respond to environmental changes, maintain homeostasis, and regulate various physiological processes, ultimately supporting proper organism function and health. Understanding bio-signaling is crucial for advancing medical research and developing targeted therapies for diseases associated with signaling pathway dysregulation.

Color Meaning
Bad Toxic

3 Main Functions

Amplifies Energy
Wherever you place the therapy patch, the energy in that area will be amplified. You can place it on your body or any electronic device to prevent harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Deep Detox
Wherever you place the therapy patch on your body, the process of detox will initiate. Once the area is detoxed, the color of the patch will become mostly black. After detoxing an area several times, you will notice a difference in pain tolerance and recovery.

Quick Pain Recovery
For example, if you have knee pain, place the therapy patch on the area of pain and you will see results within a day. 

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How To Use

Before using the therapy patch, follow these steps to gauge its effectiveness:

1. Take two identical bananas.
2. Attach the energy patch to one of the bananas.
3. Wait for about a week to observe the energy patch's impact.
4. This visual confirmation helps build belief in its healing process. It's very important to visually stimulate your brain.

To apply the energy patch:

1. Place it with the silver sticky side on your body for 2-3 days.
2. If toxins are being released, the silver side will turn black.
3. If not, keep using it until the silver side turns black.
4. Once it's black, discard the energy patch.

To keep it secure:

1. Use the provided circle bandaid to cover the energy patch.
2. You can shower with it, but if it loosens, replace the bandaid with any other adhesive to keep it in place.

If you experience itching:

1. It may be part of the detox process.
2. Keep the patch on until the itching stops (usually within three days).

You can place the therapy patch anywhere on your body, except for the eyes and groin areas.

Important notes

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